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Solo Pte Ltd

Solo Pte Ltd
Founded in 2010, Solo has established very strong ties with various government agencies and enterprises through providing top quality products and outstanding solutions. We are a profitable business, and we have organically grown a strong team locally as well as a Tech team based in Hang Zhou.






24 Boon Lay Way, #01-70, TradeHub 21, Singapore 609969



Solo Pte Ltd is the market leader in Mobile Surveillance and Connected Vehicle Solutions in Singapore.
Solo has installed the largest number of mobile surveillance cameras in Singapore, including taxi cameras, body-worn cameras, bus CCTVs, in-vehicle cameras for heavy vehicles/vessels & airplanes, various deployable surveillance cameras and IoT devices. We are also managing tens of thousands of vehicles through our proprietary advanced fleet management solutions.
Solo designs, develops, integrates and operates its proprietary software and hardware completely in-house and has built various advanced solutions for enterprises and government agencies based on its powerful and sophisticated software and platforms.
Enterprise and Government Agencies rely on Solo’s solutions to monitor, manage and optimize operations, enhance security and safety, and improve productivity.
Solo has vast experience in developing, implementing and operating ICT systems for both Enterprises and Government Agencies.
We offer complex solutions which combine state-of-the-art technology, software programming, data analytics and artificial intelligence. Many Enterprise and Government Agencies rely on Solo’s solutions to monitor service provision, streamline their processes, optimize their use of resources, and to enhance the safety and productivity. All of these lead to lower costs, higher quality and increase in satisfaction of our clients.
Solo designs, develops, integrates and operates its proprietary software and hardware completely in-house. We can guarantee flexible and customized solutions that meet your individual needs, allow for further expansion, continuous support and upgrade. We strive to use only the highest quality hardware and parts. Many of our solutions have proven to be best-in-class and hence dominate the markets where we are present. In addition to the high quality of our products, we provide efficient and proactive warranty and post-warranty service. Effectiveness and professionalism of our customer service testified by numerous references have helped us greatly in growing together with our clients over the years.


SoloTracking / SoloTracking3G – Advanced Fleet Management Solution
vSmart – Total Fleet Management Solution Built for Various Industries
TrackShot F1/F2/F3 – Best-in-Class In-Vehicle Cameras for Taxis, Private Hire Cars
Safe Recording Method – Proprietary Technology for Mobile Surveillance
vSmart AI – Powerful Video Analytics and Data Analytics Engine


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