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Sea Group (Formerly Garena)

Garena Online Private Limited






1 Fusionopolis Place, Galaxis, Singapore 138522



Sea is an internet platform company. We focus on Greater Southeast Asia, a region that includes Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore.
Founded in 2009, Sea’s mission is to better the lives of the consumers and small businesses of our region with technology.
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We operate three industry-leading platforms across digital entertainment, e-commerce and digital financial services.
Our Garena digital entertainment platform is the largest online game ecosystem in our region by revenues and operates in all seven markets. It offers consumers and global game developers a unique combination of localized game operations, payments, eSports events, video streaming, content sharing, user chat, and online forums.
Shopee is one of our region’s fastest growing e-commerce marketplaces, with operations across all seven markets and a mobile-centric approach. It empowers small businesses and buyers by offering a safe and trusted shopping environment, supported by integrated payment and third-party logistics capabilities. Shopee has achieved over US$ 3.0 billion of annualized GMV achieved less than two years after launching in 2015.
AirPay, our digital financial services platform, provides e-wallet services to consumers via the AirPay mobile App and to small businesses through the AirPay counter application. This has scaled to become one of the largest e-wallet service providers in our region by gross transaction volume, bringing about greater convenience for customers, efficiency for merchants, and broad financial inclusion for a large number of historically unbanked consumers.
Our three platforms share substantial common capabilities across talent, technology development, marketing, and infrastructure, creating a true multi-platform company, Sea.



主要使用C++,Python和Go构筑公司的服务和平台;自己编写文件系统,图片存储系统,分布式cache, 分布式log,DB存取等各种服务;能够支撑海量用户,高并发,稳定的服务。


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